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Yasmeen Sincere's picture gallery

Urban Model “Yasmeen Sincere” born on October 28, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan is the new upcoming model/vixen who is taking the modeling world by storm.Signed under “1208 Models” This African American bombshell who now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada gave a little explanation on how she got her name (SINcere). “Yasmeen is my first name (Jazmin) in Arabic and also Spanish, I got Sincere from my personality. My friends know me as a sincere and genuine person, So then I figured what better name.” Starting her modeling career in 2007 and breaking the mold of the usual Video Vixen, Yasmeen is ready to breakthrough. ” I dont have your everyday Model/Video Vixen look, I’m more of the cool but confident girl next door which is very different and usually doesnt get noticed in the industry, But in my book Different is better.” As you see Ms. Sincere’s photos you will know exactly what she is talking about. Standing at a petite 5’4 who walks like a runway model in 5-6 inch heels with long legs to top it off, not to mention her killer measurments of 34-25-39, who wouldnt notice her. This African American beauty has more than just looks who makes her who she is but she also has the drive, determination, and goals to go with it. “I dont want modeling to be my only profession and I definitely want to give back to the community. I’m going to college to be a “physical therapist” so that’s definitely one of my goals thats in reach. There is so much out there and I believe that everyone is capable of being who they want to be and doing what they want to do if they put their mind to it, and most importantly never give up. The world is harsh and can sometimes be cruel but stay positive and everything will be ok.” With these words said its no wonder why Yasmeen is looked upon as a role model to many young women, Yasmeen is also working on building her own support group for young women across the nation dealing with domestic violence, self esteem issues, personal goals, and education. When asked what to look out for from Yasmeen in 2011 she responded ” 2011 Will definitely be a hectic year for me, definitely a lot of traveling so I will be posting up my location for everyone and giving updates for meet and greet’s as well. Let me not forget to mention the drop of my website and also exclusive DVD’s from behind the scenes video shoots and photo shoots as well.

Measurements// 34D-24-39

TITANIUMGIRLZ Magazine...Featured Model (Summer 2012)


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