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Tiffany Duncan (AKA Caramel Bombshell) is a 26 year old model born on September 24,1981. She is orginially from Jamaica Queens, New York ( South Side) currently residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Tiffay has a sex apeal to die for , she is 5'6 in height with small frame body and a 30" waist but thick in all the right places with a 36C-32D bra size stand out in the crowd type of girl.

Since child hood modeling has been her biggest dream. She loves all modeling projects such as Print work, Commercials, Promotional modeling, music videos and always interested in persuing new things and ideas. She is looking to persue her modeling career, working in a successful model agency, movies.

hair magazines, BlackHair & Tress 2003 spring edition,Braids and more spring 2003 edition and Hot Hair 2003 to name a few.
The Clipse music video 2003 hit " When the Last Time".
Local stuff:
local entertainment in her hometown from Tmsmith Designs Fashion shows (her sister who is an up an coming fashion designer). Print work, Body of evidence project with "Master C Visionary Images Photography".

Book Tiffany for any events please send all request to or on mypsace/tmduncan

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