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Desana Moses
Dior Imane
(Miami, NY, Paris, Bruxelles)
Fauziah JaDore
Ally Rivera
Maiya Ming
Allain Victoria
(New Orleans)
Analicia Chaves
Veronica Vior
(albany, NY)
Kaaydah Marie
Marcy Diamond
Sydney James
Asia Mills
(Decatur, GA)
Kianna Nana Lynae
Alexis Lugo
Andrea Calle
Elizabeth Velasquez
Jenice Marie
Ashley Amour
Erica Lynne
Heang Aureon Lay
Fibi Love
(Miami, Fl)
Tania Simon
(San Jose, CA)
Jessica "Rabbit" Jacobs
Angelina Christina
Katia Mavrie
(Beverly Hills, CA)
Evie Caba
(NY, NJ, PA)
Dana Hamm
(Columbus, OH)
Simply Lauren Lovely
(Las Vegas)
Valeria Orsini
Jayla Rose
Jesse Layne
Nichelle D
(LA/Las Vegas/NY/
Deziree Ramirez
Abbee Kimberly
(London, UK)
Sol Walker
Chantae Brown
(ATL / NY / Boston)
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