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Stephania Bella's picture gallery

Stephania Bella is of Italian and Cuban descent and is originally from Toronto, Canada. She now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Stephania has also appeared in Xhibit's "Concentrate". Bella is also part of Big Tigger's Kittens wirh eyecandymodeling.

Ziggazagga Productions 2007 Calendar
Ziggazagga Productions Eyecandy Feature
Big Tiggers/Eyecandy Modeling 2007 Flawless Kittens Calendar
Cover of Thique Magazine, twice
Cover of IB Concept Magazine
Features in Xzibit, Lloydd Banks
Belly & Ginuwine and Fabolous music videos
The source
Hip Hop Weekly
elle magazine

To book Stephania Bella for any event send her a message trough her myspace page:

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