Although HHVM is not an agency, it has recently come to our attention that many people or models would need some of our services.

Website design:

For any website design quotes, rather it is a full site or just a personal page, please refer to this website:

Myspace background or full page design:

Background design or full page: depends on what is needed.

Picture retouching:

If you have some photos in which you think needs some work done, such as covering scars or simply bringing life to the photo, we can do it for you for a small amount.

Most picture retouching can go up to 45$ a photo! HHVM offers an extremely competitive price.

1 photo 10$ Price may sometimes vary depending
5 photos 45$ on the photo requirement.

Sample of Rihanna:

Rihanna before picture touch up:

Rihanna After:

*Photos may be any size, and can be provided by email or can also be a cd sent by mail to you if shipping is paid for.*

Banners or flyers:

We can create banners or flyers for any event, model related or not. We prefer to create them and you do your own printing as it would substract unecessary shipping costs, but if it is absolutely necessary, we can do so with added payment for shipping.

banners: 15$

Flyers: 35$

*shipping cost for flyers will depend on the weight and the place*


Please send all inquiries to:

Please make sure to put the subject as the service you want to get.

Example : If you want picture retouching, you can put "picture retouching request" in the subject.


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