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Miss Royalty Vixen, someone you call dangerously sexy and fiercely driven. With her knowledge, voluptuous body, soft curves and innocence she will drive any man or woman crazy. This woman is someone you call a Mogul. She has built her own empire in this industry with her own skills and drive. Royalty Vixen is someone who takes charge of a situation and knows what she wants. She grinds hard to work her way up the ladder to success. I think when she even reaches the
top of her scale she would still try to latch on to heaven. This is a woman unstoppable and a woman who has made her own lane.

Miss Royalty originates from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is a mix of Brazilian, African American & Polish. Her mother is Brazilian & Polish and her father is African American. She lived in Brazil with her mother up until she was 5. Then she moved to the United States and grew up in Beverly Hills, California with her Father and Step & God Mother. Her childhood was a blast. She has a loving family and was raised with a loving well grounded family. She was always into
something as a child. At the age of 5 she danced Ballet for Lulu Washington Dance Academy for 4 years. Then continued in Hip Hop Dance at the age of 16-18. She was a Girl Scout from age 5-8. She started acting and performing in plays in 1st grade throughout high school as well as in the church. She was a part of the choir at West Los Angeles Church age 8 – 14. She was always the speaker at main events such as graduations and ceremonies. She attended Hamilton High School being a cheerleader as well as Los Angeles High School where she was captain of the cheer squad.

Her honor's that she has received was a High School Diploma in 2006. She received her Bachelors Degree in Business
Marketing from CSUN in 2009. Now she is working on her Masters Degree at CSUN which she shall receive in 2011 at the age
of 23.

Royalty Vixen has entered the modeling world on both sides of the fence. At a young age of 17 she started her own company titled, The Models Palace. The Models Palace is a multi media company that specializes in helping many models with graphic and web design, heavy promotion, marketing, branding, video development and getting them numerous amounts of work in music videos and publications.

Royalty Vixen is also a well known internet TV personality with her own created show sponsored by
titled Personage TV. Personage TV is an interactive daily informative web series show. She gives you the exclusives on daily hip hop news as well as new and upcoming artist, model, and behind scene production interviews. As well as Sports, Fashion, Pets, Fitness, Queenism and so much more.

Royalty Vixen also has her own design company titled Palace Royalty Media. This company is where she does a host of
different jobs which includes Video Editing, Image Editing, Graphic Design, and Web Design & Merchandising. She is a self taught artist of many different fields. I must say her work is amazing. Her portfolio can be seen on her personal website.

Royalty Vixen also runs her own website titled Royalty Her site is very interactive for her fans. She hosts a
series of multi-weekly live upstream shows. She hosts a daily Live Wet Cam Show. As well as hosting different contest in which members can win different souvenirs of the sexy Royalty Vixen. Check out her personal site

Finally, Royalty Vixen is also a Poet which she showcases her poetic thoughts on her personal website. Writing poetry
has opened up many different doors for Royalty Vixen. She currently in 2010 working on pursuing a career in being a Hip Hop Artist. She has been in the studio at all times of the day and night when her schedule permits. Look out for her mix tape and singles to be coming your way this year.

After being in the industry behind scenes learning the business aspect she is now ready to work on her solo projects.
This is one fierce woman. She is definitely a mix of beauty, brains, skills and grace. She is able to take control of where she wants her career to go. She has pushed her image out to the world with the knowledge and skills she posses. She is a hard worker and very driven. She is definitely on top of her game and is sitting on her throne. I present to you the Queen Miss Royalty Vixen.

TRUE Magazine Feature Issue 54 []
SWEETS Magazine Feature June 2010
WHEELS 2000 Magazine Cover June 2010
ALL HOOD PUBLICATIONS Magazine Feature July 2010

Measurements: 34D-28-42


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