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Rosa Acosta's picture gallery


Rosa Acosta started her classic ballet studies at the age of four at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She later moved on to the ICA, ( Instituto de Cultura y Arte), where she excelled as one of the most gifted students of the academy. After graduating with honors from the ICA and the Ballet School of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor in Art with mention to Classic Ballet, she became part of the Dominican Nacional Ballet as the youngest soloist member in 2002.

Partaking in all major classic and modern shows in the Dominican Republic, she is nominated twice by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her work in the category of Cultural Development. She initiated her modeling career in 2004, participating in magazines and television for prestigious Dominican enterprises. Rosa moved to United States in 2006 where her career took a new turn, distinguishing herself in several areas in the modeling world, featured in magazines, radio, tv programs and commercials and numerous music videos.
Music Videos
Amarfis y La Banda de Ataque. Song “El billete”. 10/06. NJ. Lead model.
Enko and Baby Rank. Song “Dale Dembow”. 12/06. NJ Lead model.
Messiniam. Song “Put in work”. 12/06. NYC. Lead model.
50 Cent. Song “Cameron Diss”. 02/07. CT. Lead model.
Nu World Hustle ft. Bigg Dame and S Coop. Song “FRESH”. 06/07. NJ. Lead Model.
Melimel. Song “Tu no puedes”. 09/07.NYC. Lead Model.
Alexis y Fido Ft Tobby Love. Song “Soy igual que tu”. 10/07. NYC. Lead model.
Kidz in the hall. Song “Drivin Down The Block”. 01/08. NYC. Lead Model
LDA Ft Jowell y Randy. Music video/ Mini Movie Musical Chosen Few III. Lead Model. 03/08.NYC
Busta Rhymes, Song “I Got Bass”. 8/08. NYC. Lead model.

Magazines/ Tear sheets
Show Black Lingerie
JET magazine/ Beauty of the week
Phillyfit magazine
EGirls News Magazine (Featured Model)*
SHOCK Magazine (Cover Model)*
Deep Hitters Magazine (Cover /Featured Model)*
Register Magazine (Cover Model)
CatDaddy Magazine
Fuze Magazine
Allhood Publications(Cover Model)
XXL cover - eye candy of the year jan 2010
Souche Magazine

Print Commercials
Presidente Beer 02/06. Pandora and Uepa Magazine. /DR
Frito Lays 06/06 /DR
Phat Phruit Beverage. (Ad) 08/06. /USA
Proline Car Stereo. (Ad) 09/07. USA

TV Commercials
Orange Dominicana (Principal) 10/04. /DR
Brillante Detergent (Principal) 03/05. /DR
Presidente Beer (Extra) 06/05. /DR
Presidente Beer (Principal) 01/06. /DR
Frito Lays (Principal) 04/06. /DR


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