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The South Pacific holds some of the most captivating and awe inspiring visions of beauty that the world has to offer. Therefore its really not that surprising that the region's exotic Fiji islands birthed 22 year old, Nilanti Narain. " Its very fulfilling to come from such culture and purity," gushes Nilanti. "I really believe that the islands of my home encompass both who I am and what's important to me." And while Fiji offers resorts, rest and relaxation to jetsetters the world over, Ms. Narain hasn't become one of urban entertainments premiere models by sitting back and soaking up the sun.

The stunning 5'6" buxom, (Yes its all real!) model/actress/singer prides herself on a work ethic that has enabled her to quickly rocket to the top of her profession. "This has been my dream ever since I was a kid, so being successful with one thing only drives me to achieve even more," Nilanti offers, as her piercing gaze makes you a believer. But her wide eyed optimism comes complete with an impressive resume.Already having been featured in music videos from big names the likes of Kanye West, 112, Akon, and Snoop Dogg, Opportunities came early and often for Nilanti after she moved to Los Angeles and attended school in neighboring Santa Monica. While many girls where simply worrying about who would take them to the dance, Nilanti was busy making her talent work for her. Soon she offered her striking beauty in commercial work for Capital One, Double Mint, Target, Mark Ecko, and Nissan among others. And as high school ended her workload grew. She became a full time model, gracing the pages of Elle, Show and Exotic. But it’s her love of music that just may spawn her crowning achievement.

Currently in the studio crafting her as yet untitled debut, Nilanti's voice rings just as beautifully as her looks. "I've always told myself that the day that I can achieve my goal of becoming a star doing what I truly love is the day that I’ll be content,” she says. “Singing has always been my biggest passion and its such a blessing to finally be able to pursue what I love." But after Nilani conquers her goals by navigating the bustling waves of Hollywood’s entertainment industry you better believe she’ll be ready to head home. “As much as I find the entertainment industry exciting, I still know that nothing offers quite as much as the laying on the beacH of Fiji and truly enjoying my life!


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Music videos:

Boss' life - Snoop Dogg
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