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Miya Granatella's picture gallery

Undergrad: ‘02's Eye Candy of the Year runner-up, Miya ran the year by gracing vids for the career hits of Cam (“Oh Boy”), Fat Joe (“What's Luv?”) and Styles P (“Good Times”) with alluring eyes, edible lips and an ass only God could've created.Summer Break: Most thought the Jersey beauty got low in '03, but most of her videos suffered weak rotation.

Cam and Master P's “Bout It Bout It... Part III” never hit the mainstream, Keith Murray's “Yeah Yeah U Know It” and “Candi Bar” suffered due to his Def Jam drama, and Miya's best acting performance, in Gang Starr's “Nice Girl, Wrong Place,” never saw the light of day. The important thing is her checks cleared.

Master's: Undisputedly doing the most in ‘04, Love has posed-off in Jay-Z's “Change Clothes,” massaged Eminem in “My Band” and played Twista's “Overnight Celebrity,” for a career total of 40 videos. Ready for retirement, she's ready to begin her music career with either Desert Storm or Dip Set.

Letter of Recommendation: L for lips: “Her lips are like two ripe strawberries,” praises director Eric White. “And she works the camera with 'em. She knows how to look innocent and naughty at the same time.”

Acceptance Speech: “When directors need sexy they call me. I was born on the last day of Scorpio and first day of Sagitarius. Scorpios are sexy and Sag's are free-spirited and down for whatever, you take the sexiness from a Scorpio and the freak of a Sag and you got me—a problem!”

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