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Mesha Seville's picture gallery

Mesha Seville is a Jersey girl. A Black and Puerto Rican mix. You have seen Mesha is magazines and sites like Smooth, Source, Straight Stutin cover, Asset's cover, Urban Ink,Hip Hop Weekly, Don Diva, Hidden Treasures, Diva Dymes,Dynasty Series,Show Magazine Black Lingerie 13, Black men 40/40, Gorgeous Magazine, 50/50 Magazine and Short Dawg "Let's talk money" Mesha has been features in numerous sites like,, etc. Mesha's ultimate goal is to become a house hold name. She is very determine to take it to the next level. Mesha is a very down to earth genuine person, who loves the people who support her and the people who dont. Mesha isn't just a pretty face, she is currently going to school for her bachelors in Human Resource Management.


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