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Mercedes "Prancer" Clausen's picture gallery

Mercedes Clausen aka "Prancer" grew up on the west side of Detroit, Mi. At a very early age Mercedes knew that her lifelong dream was to be in the entertainment industry. With an exciting look that swings effortlessly between urban and commercial Mercedes was eagerly sought after in Detroit areas competitive dance, modeling and acting scene. Mercedes approached her career with a relentless drive to get herself to the top but it wasn't until 2008 that she skated her way into America's hearts by competing in VH1's Flavor Of Love 3. Flavor Flav dubbed her Prancer because of her doe eyes and he liked the way she pranced around his mansion. Prancer was an immediate fan favorite for her childlike ways and most famous for rolling on Heelys all throughout the house. VH1 granted Prancer another opportunity to shine by asking her to participate in the challenge based spinoff called I Love Money 2. Knowing this was something she could do extremely well in she accepted the offer and was whisked off to Huatulco, Mexico with 18 other CelebReality money lovers to compete for a grand prize of $250,000. This is only the beginning of all that is to come from Mercedes "Prancer" Clausen. When Prancer isn't traveling the country as your favorite socialite hosting parties and promoting her shows she keeps busy studying to become an actress for film and television, as well brushing up on her improve skills.

Over the past few years Mercedes has done extensive work in print, ( Connect With Detroit, Native Detroiter, Club Network Promo Flyers, 6 By 9 Promo Flyers, Jimi Moto Catalog Cover ) runway, ( Shows for Hip Hop University, Status Clothier, Studio Couture, Carnival ) television ( Commercials for NBA Wednesdays at 5 th Ave Detroit, Searching For Jerry Garcia (Album for rap artist Proof), Music videos for T Da Pimp-All These Girls, Proof-Girls Wit Da Boom, Slum Village-Ez Up Motor city Remix, and 1 st Degree-So Hot ) and promotional modeling ( The Show at Club Network, Martell brand liquor, Studio Couture, 7Up, Coca Cola, Camel Cigarettes, GP Entertainment, and Sprint PCS ) as well as national campaigns for Dodge and Chevrolet .

To book Prancer for any events or shoots, send your request to:

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