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Jessica Kylie AKA Miss Rabbit's picture gallery

Jessica Kylie grew up in Houston TX, I was pretty typical to my environment, had a lot of friends, and I got into the occasional trouble that teenagers get into. I pulled it all together for high school though, and I'd say I didn't do too bad for myself, all things considered. A lot of people assume that I'm "stuck up" or conceited, but that notion melts pretty fast after just spending a few minutes with me. I'm usually then described as the most down to earth and cool person, which I am.

What's up with the Miss Rabbit thing you ask? Well, growing up, one of my favorite movies was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," and I was so taken with the character Jessica Rabbit, she's a sexy character, a total babe, and it was just coincidental I suppose that my real name just so happens to be Jessica, and a lot of my friends knew this was my movie, so the name started and stuck. I've chosen to just shorten it to "Miss Rabbit" because of the number of people making reference to "Jessica Rabbit" with their names, so I've just got to be different.

I got into the picture taking thing like most girls these days, I had so many people telling me that I should do it so I finally gave it a shot. I did local things here and there, until I found my way on the set of Paul Wall's "Break 'em off Real Bad" video, and around that time is when things started to change for me. I met Dwyane Darden from on the set of a calendar shoot, and we just fell into business mode almost instantly.

Within a couple of months, I was shooting for a few magazines, and I'm featured on the 2008 Summerbunnies calendar along with Lyric, and now here I am telling you my story. I love dressing up, doing the makeup and hair thing, and I love the attention that all of this brings, but even moreso, I have the business focus to know that I'm not going to do very much for free, and I also know that right behind me is that next hot girl just waiting to take my spot when my time is done, so there is definitely a post-model career plan in development. My goal is to be very well known and paid in my newfound field of entertainment/modeling, and guess what? I need your help--you got me on this one?

I love to have fun, and that involves good friends, good food, basically I'm enjoying life at it's fullest right now. As far as the site? It's hot, you KNOW it's hot, and I'm not bragging, but it's hot...! Take a good long look around, I have a lot for you to check out, including video segments, wallpaper downloads and ring tones, calendars and posters, top notch hot and sexy images, everything you stopped by here to see. I'm the life of the party, and right now, this one is MY party, so let's go!

Smooth girl (cover) jamaica issue
Smooth Magazine (cover) fashion issue
Tip-Out (cover)
Juice (cover)
King (Web Girl)
Girls Of Lowrider2x
Lowrider Magazine
Lowrider 2012 Calendar
Source (web girl)
Straight Stuntin
Blackmen Magazine 3x
Urban ink
Maxim Revista Mexico
JM Magazine

Mun2 (cable tv)
2011 Alma Awards Hosting red carpet
2011 tiger in a cage skit Mun 2
2011 peacemaker skit Mun 2
2011 A day in the life (reality) Mun 2
Johnny Dang Jewlery Commercial
2011 Street flava
Lala's World Interview
Brando chiropractic center(Spanish)
Nissan Dallas(Spanish)

Baby Bash – "What Is It"
Pall Wall – "Ima Break Em Off"
Slim Thug & Z-Ro – "Gangsta"
Inertia Ft. Slim from 112 – "Body"
Nelly and Jermaine Dupri – "Vegas Baby"
Voice – "Butterflyz"
Nick Vibes – "Do You Ever Slow Down"

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