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Applying for the aspiring models section

So you want to be a model? will give you an opportunity to expose yourself to the world of modeling. As we receive thousands of visitors a day, some might be agents, recruiters, producers and more, which just might make your break.

***Not accepting new models at the moment***


Questions and Answers

Q: Why do I need 5 images to apply?

In order for clients to be able to see what you look like, 1-2 professional images will not fully always show that, therefore having a minimum of 5 images will give a better idea.

Q: What do you mean by "professional images"?

Professional images means, photos taken by a real photographer. A friend taking pics of you because he/she has a good camera doesn't necessarily make him/her a photographer.

Q: Do I need experience to be part of the aspiring models?


Q: Do you accept anyone? Any type?

Even though there is a fee, it does not mean that anyone is accepted. HHVM still wants to retain a high quality in the models they feature on the site.

As for the "kind" of model, we do not discriminate against any size, height or ethnicity/ Everyone is free to apply.

Q: Do you accept international models?

Yes. Although it is much harder for international models to get gigs, we offer featured profiles to models from anywhere in the world.

Q: Is HHVM an agency?

No. We do not provide casting calls and book you for anything. If people want to book you for any events, they will contact you directly through your booking info.

Q: *Why is it important to choose a "model name"?

Having a model name is how you will be recognized in the industry. Most models will choose a nickname that is easy to remember, instead of their real name, especially so that they can differentiate from their normal daily lives.

(if you later decide to change the name there will be a fee of 15$ so please think about it before submitting.)

Q: How come aspiring models have to pay a one time fee and established models don't?

Because of the amounts of applications we receive on a daily basis, if you are accepted to be on the site, a one time fee of 24.99$ US for the standard package is required after your approval. This amount is required because as an aspiring model, when you are starting, you are not known, therefore, you do not have a fanbase. This unfortunately, does not add any value to the site even though you, as a model, will receive a lot of exposure from all the traffic. In return, HHVM asks for a fee.

Q: If I change my mind, and no longer want to be on the site, do I get a refund?
No. To put together your profile, it still takes time to do so, the fee covers that and therefore, no refunds are given.
Q: When you say one time fee, that means only once when I apply?
Yes, once you make that payment, you will not longer have to pay ever again.
Q: What is the method of payment?

The only method of payment is through paypal (which accepts credit cards even without having an account).

Once accepted, you will be given a link to click on a paypal button, you will be able to pay using the form provided.

Q: What happens after I acquire more experience such as being featured in videos from known artists or known magazines?

Once you are featured in an established magazine or get airplay (lead, principal) in a music video, you can send me an email about it, and if you have the proper experience, I will gladly move your profile in the established models section.

Q: How long will I be able to stay on the site?

You will be featured on the site as long as the site is online. The only way to be off the website is to ask to be removed.

Q: How do I update my profile?

Any updates have to be sent to, once we receive it, we will make the changes or add-ons as soon as we can.

Q: Why are there ads on the profiles?

As HHVM gives exposure to models, this service may be given for "free" but it still needs to receive some sort of revenue to uphold the site. No one does anything for free. The aspiring models' one time fees do not cover the cost of maintaining the site, therefore these ads are necessary to be able to pay for yearly hosting fees, marketing, and updating the site continuously.

Q: Can I update to a bigger package in the future?

Yes. If you have chosen the standard package of 24.99$, and you want to update to package 2 at anytime, we would substract 74.99$-24.99$ to only pay the final payment of 49.99$.

Q: Can my profile be featured on the first page of the aspiring models?

No. First come, first serve basis.

Q: How long will it take for my profile to be created?

This will depend on the amount of profiles that are waiting to be created. If there is a waiting list, you will be told an approximite time frame and once created you will receive an email with the link towards your site.


Advice for new models

One important thing, you MUST have professional pictures of yourself. If and when you do, you should create profiles of yourself on and, there are many good contacts you can make there. You can even find popular models which usually have advice on how to start on their pages and actually would answer your questions.

Other suggestions would be to search "craigslist" + casting calls, or go directly on, choose your area and see what auditions of castings are being done. Check regularly as everyday there can be a new ones added. Sometimes thy might be included on the site as well.

Besides that, getting yourself out there and getting people to notice you is important.

Lastly, after you get your portfolio going, try to go see as many modeling agencies in your area and see which one is best suited for you.

As for more detailed advice, I found this online which I think is very useful:

To avoid any modeling agencies that might be scams, please read this site before going to any interviews:

Services offered:

HHVM offers to any models who would like, a few different services such as picture retouching, web site design and any graphical design.

Please understand that HHVM is not an gency of any kind and will not be giving you work.

To see the services in more details please click here.

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