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Our names are Anne and Kate. We are identical twin sisters separated by only sixty seconds. We were raised in Minnesota. Minneapolis and St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities is how we got our name, the TwinCitiesTwins. Because of how the two cities culturally influenced us, we decided it was the best way for us to represent home no matter where we ended up. We were constantly changing our surroundings while growing up. Living in a small town, the suburbs, and the inner city has shaped us to be well ROUNDED and grounded. We both were decorated gymnasts winning state titles but after 10 years of training we both retired our freshman year of high school due to career ending injuries. After finishing a year of college our Senior year of high school we felt comfortable but not challenged. With nothing but a trunk full of belongings, we up and left the Mid West without any warning to start a new beginning on the West Coast. We have not looked back ever since. We spent our first year in LA on an overtime grind, going to school and working full time at a leasing office. We eventually started modeling as a hobby. We eventually began booking work quickly and soon our hobby turned into a full time job.

For us choosing the Entertainment industry has never been about chasing fame. There is not one day that is the same in this industry and that is what excites us the most. The opportunity is the best part. We have been able to meet so many different types of people, travel to places we would have never imagined, and experienced things many can't even dream of. We feel trully blessed.

We have been in music videos, movies, campaigns, and have worked with companies such as Zoo York, T-Mobile, ROAR, Ed Hardy, American Apparel, Luxirie, and Pacific Sunwear...

We are always on the grind with our next move in mind. We work very well together and are always on the same page. Our DREAM is to host our own TV show and eventually start a nationwide foundation for at risk and underprivileged youth.

We will RIDE or DIE for anyone who will do the same for us. We are loyal, genuine, and extremely laid back but don't ever get too comfortable. We LOVE music and take great pride in our ipod. R&B is our favorite music to listen to. You may find us in air-forces one day and stilettos the next. We both understand that our lows are someone elses highs. We appreciate what we have yet are striving for bigger and better things. We have been able to make sacrifices and take chances in order to get where we want because we are NOT afraid to live life.
"Everything that happens to you in life shapes you as a person. Every struggle, every challenge, every thing that is placed in front of you is to see how much stronger a person you're gonna become." -JAY Z
" He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." -Mahummad Ali
The decisions we make in our career are not made for anyone BUT ourselves. We create our our own rules and yes we sometimes break them.We realize there is no blue print or limitations to success in this industry so we are doing it our way NOT anyone elses way. We believe its not what you do its how you do it. Nobody knows US better than eachother so therefore we know whats best for US.

Music Videos
-Marc Broussard's Leads "Love & Happiness"(2007) Hollywood, C.A
-Shayne Ward "If Thats Okay With You"(2007) Santa Monica, C.A
-Sara Bareilles Featured"Love Song" (2007) Hollywood, CA
-Plain White T's Featured"Natural Disaster" (2008) Los Angeles, C.A
-Enrique Iglesias "Can You Hear Me" (2008) Los Angeles, CA
-Valy Leads "Khaab" (2008) San Fernando Valley, CA
-Ne'yo,Jamie Fox, Fabolous Featured "Miss Independent-Remix (2008) Hollywood, CA
-Johnny Michael "Cali Girls" (2008) Malibu, CA
-Tah Mac Featured "Lavish Lifestyle" (2008) Hollywood Hills, CA
-Non Human Intelligence "Favorite Alien" Leads (2009) Los Angeles, CA

-FOX V.I.P PASSPORT(2006) Bartenders Los Angeles, C.A
-Tyra Banks Show(2006) Los Angeles, C.A
-Neil George Altrist Hair Straightener Commercial(2007) Beverly Hills, C.A
-How To Look Good Naked "Season Finale" (2008) Hollywood, CA
-Planet Greens "Battleground Earth" (2008) Santa Monica, CA
-"Spread" Feature Film (2008) Los Angeles, CA
-Abc's "GREEK" (2008) Los Angeles, CA
-SciFi Channel Cha$e "Twin Episode"(2008) Los Angeles, CA
-"The College Years" Feature Film (2008) Los Angeles, CA
-"Fox 11 STYLE" Dash Boutique "D'Amore Swimwear" (2009) Calabasas, CA

-Lifetouch(2005) Minneapolis, M.N
-Jostens(2005) Minneapolis, M.N
-Escape Ultra Lounge(2005) Minneapolis, M.N
-Infamous Blacksheep Brand(2007) Los Angeles, C.A
-2008 NXS Hair Extension Campaign "C" Magazine(2008) Los Angeles, CA
-T. Santiago's Lingerie Campaign (2008) Los Angeles, C.A
-ROAR's Fall Line Campaign (2008) Los Angeles, CA
-Show Magazine(2009) Los Angeles, CA
-2009 NXS Hair Extension Campaign/Spokesmodels Los Angeles, CA
-2009 Shopaholic Magazine Burbank, CA
-2009 La Hombre Magazine Editorial Spread-May
-Tee Party Campaign & Look Book Models(2009)
-Acropolis Campaign Models(2009)

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