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LaShontae Heckard's picture gallery

Angels are defined as servants of God or beings that deliver God's messages. They are also revered as beings of beauty and virtue…care givers and nurturers… and very rare, one in a million occurrences. For most people, angels only come into their lives once in a lifetime, sometimes for very short periods of time.

Fortunately for us, once such angel was delivered on an April day twenty-five years ago in Seoul, South Korea by the name of Ms. LaShontae Heckard. Born to an African-American father and Korean mother, Tae (as her friends and family affectionately call her), lived the traditional life of a military daughter. From the audubons of Germany to the suburbs of Dallas, TX, Tae has seen, witnessed, and has been exposed to various cultures and lifestyles. With so much travel in her young life, she desired stability so Tae soon adopted Dallas (Killeen), TX as her home. It was here where her friends and family were based and is also where she attended high school.

For someone so beautiful, Tae was far from the diva during her high school years. While still maintaining her inner and outer beauty, Tae was very much the tomboy in her adolescence. She avidly participated in sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track and field. She also dabbled a little in football due to her desire to display her 'rough and tough, playing with the boys' side. But all in all, she still managed to maintain her inner and outer beauty and confidence.

Following an early high school graduation, Tae joined the US Army Reserve and attended college at Stephen F. Austin University in Texas. It was during these years of her life that she began to cultivate a desire and ambition towards acting and modeling. Her initial ambitions would eventually pay off in 2001 when Tae landed a spokesmodel position for Juice Magazine, a regional urban magazine based in Texas.

She was also selected as a model for the popular Texas based website, Dallas Peeps . From here, Tae went on to participate in various fashion and hair shows throughout the area. As so many models with similar aspirations do today, Tae uses her talents as a model and its networking avenues to garner attention in her as an actress.

Big breaks often come when you least expect it and such was the case in 2002 when Tae was approached by a talent scout while on vacation in Los Angeles. This chance meeting led to Tae being cast in Brandy's music video to her 2002 single Full Moon. That appearance would lead to future music video roles in other music videos such as DTP f/Ludacris & Scarface's 'Growing Pains' (2002), Dru Hill's 'I Should Be' (2002) and 'I Love You' (2003), and Busta Rhymes f/Mariah Carey's 'I Know What You Want/Give It To Me' (2003) videos.

All of these appearances assisted in cultivating Tae's love for acting while her role in the 'I Know What You Want/Give It To Me'video garnered her a nomination for the 1st Vibe Magazine Video Vixen of The Year Award in 2003. With these successes, Tae is well on her way to achieving her goals of becoming a successful actress and becoming one of the hottest faces in the world of urban modeling today.

She looks eagerly toward working on future projects with renowned video/movie directors Chris Robinson, Hype Williams, Brian Barber, Little X, Benny Boom, and John Singleton. Tae also admires the work of musical artists such as Usher, Carl Thomas, Maxwell, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams along with the acting talents of Michelle Rodriguez, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Angelina Jolie, Jamie Foxx, Ice Cube, and Jet Li. But, as we most often discover during life, with much success, comes great responsibility.

Tae's rise would be delayed following the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and she would be called back into military service with the United States Army to protect and defend her country. Currently based in Atlanta, Ms. Heckard has began her ascent back into the world of acting and modeling. She is currently working with Hatka Entertainment as one of their hot HoneyDripper models. During 2004 Tae appeared in Black Men's Magazine (May/June Issue – Fantasy Woman & SSX 1001 Sexiest Women) as well as music videos for Romey Rome, Outkast, and most recently 50 Cent's video for his hot new single 'Candy Shop'. The sky is the limit for Tae, and what better place for an angel to fly.

Bio provided by Hatka Entertainment.

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